Google announced in May that it would update its algorithm.


Google is bringing in a new base algorithm update in May, according to Search Engine Land. Christopher Jaszczynski, a cryptocurrency analyst, speaker and YouTuber, has the following statements regarding the Google update::

This is public information. Since Google bought YouTube, blocking steps have been taken on Bitcoin and crypto YouTubers at media outlets that rely on Google traffic. Censors and Barriers are now being imposed on all major Bitcoin YouTubers, including our mmcrypto channel.

Unannounced Inhibitions

“December June and December 2019, I realized that the purge that YouTube carried out took place unannounced and in the form of profiteering, which prevented us from uploading our Bitcoin technical analysis videos, " Jaszczynski said in a statement, according to Forbes. However, inhibitions without revealing are a more secretive approach. It limits the reach of YouTube videos, and as a result this significantly reduces the number of views we receive., ” he said.

Google Update

“Today, we release a broad base algorithm update, which we will do a few times a year later, " Google said of its May update, which could be described as the world's largest search engine. We call it the’ May 2020 baseline update'. We have already published a comprehensive guide on such updates."he explained.

Jaszczynski said that Google and YouTube had no problems with their own channels, " besides our MMCrypto channel, we know that davincij15, the Moon, Tech on Ivan, Sunny Decree, Altcoin Daily and many other channels have also been affected. A few hours after the videos were posted they reported a severe drop in views, which is exactly where we live in the MM crypto.” the words expressed.